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Since its beginning in the dark days of war and destruction, Coventry Cathedral’s ministry of reconciliation has reached out to people, communities and countries affected by violent conflict.

As we celebrate 50 years of the rebuilt St Michael’s Cathedral, we want to redefine our contribution to reconciliation by interpreting our story of forgiveness for a new century. In a world which constantly fails to find peaceful ways of resolving its disputes, we intend to challenge the lack of moral imagination which this reveals.

Conflict and alienation take many forms. All of us are exposed to their destructive power in the many interlocking communities to which we belong. Our ability to foster peace through reconciliation is constantly tested.

As a world centre for reconciliation, we are recommitting ourselves to this task, learning from Jesus, who calls us to love our enemies and forgive those who harm us.

St Michael’s House is a new initiative, a dedicated space in a special place, an environment in which to nurture a fuller understanding of the challenges of reconciliation in today’s world.

We aim to inspire a new generation, providing skills-based learning and intellectual encounter alongside theological reflection and spiritual resources for the long-term task of making and building peace in a world of conflict.



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