Friday 27th March 2015

Good Morning. Welcome to Coventry Cathedral. An extraordinary place. A story you can't ignore.

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Archbishop Justin’s Journey of Prayer

15th March 2013

Click here for pictures of today’s visit to Coventry by the Archbishop of Canterbury as part of his five-stage ‘Journey in Prayer’.

The new Archbishop of Canterbury will be visiting Coventry on Friday 15 March. The day's programme will begin with the Archbishop's arrival in Broadgate in Coventry's city centre at 9.00 am. He will be greeted by the Lord Mayor of Coventry and other well-wishers at 9.15 am prior to a short informal procession to Coventry Cathedral. The Bishop of Coventry will lead the Litany of Reconciliation in the Ruins at about 9.30 am. There will then be free admission to the Cathedral throughout the day, and hundreds of people are expected to join the Archbishop for a wide range of activities. Adults and children of all ages will be most welcome.

Everyone is welcome to stay for as short or long a time as they like. Stewards and Chaplains are available to answer any questions visitors may have. Cloisters, the Cathedral Café, will be open all day. Archbishop Justin will introduce a short prayer each hour on the hour and lead the Litany of Reconciliation at 12 noon. Musical accompaniment to prayer will be provided by Jimmy Lawrence at 11.30am and by the Bablake Junior School Choir at 1.30pm. The public part of the Archbishop's day will conclude at 3.15pm. After he has departed, a service of Holy Communion will take place in the Nave at 4.00pm.

Archbishop Justin Welby was ordained in Coventry Cathedral in 1992 and he spent the next fifteen years serving the people of Coventry and Warwickshire as a Church of England minister culminating in his role at the Cathedral as Canon for Peace and Reconciliation, prior to leaving for his post as Dean of Liverpool in 2007.

Coventry is one of just five cities that Archbishop Justin will be visiting in the days leading up to his enthronement at Canterbury Cathedral. He will be inviting as many people as possible to join him on this ‘Journey in Prayer’. The Archbishop will visit one city on each day of the journey, and spend that day in prayer. Those who join the Archbishop in prayer will be able to pray in ways that reflect the broad traditions of Anglican spirituality and which welcome all ages.

The Bishop of Coventry, the Right Reverend Dr Christopher Cocksworth, said that it will be an enormous joy and privilege to welcome the Archbishop back to Coventry. He said:

“Our new Archbishop of Canterbury is no stranger to the Diocese of Coventry and its remarkable Cathedral. He contributed an enormous amount to the life of church and society in Coventry and Warwickshire over the first 15 years (1992-2007) of his ministry, and the Cathedral’s work for peace and reconciliation is deeply in his bones. So it will be an enormous joy and privilege to welcome Archbishop Justin back to Coventry and to join him in prayer. I hope many people across Coventry, Warwickshire and the region will take this wonderful opportunity to be alongside a person of prayer as he seeks God’s strength and vision for all that lies ahead.”