We have in the CCN such a wealth of people, such a rich mixture of experience and theology and practical reconciliation happening every day of the year, on the ground. Starting in the autumn, we would like to give a voice to this mighty collection of voices and viewpoints!

So… we’re launching an idea called ‘Thought for the Week’. It’s quite simple – each week, on a Friday just before the Litany at midday GMT, we will publish on our website and on Facebook and Twitter a short opinion piece of around 3 minutes in length,  supplied to us by anyone connected to a CCN member, on a reconciliation-based subject of their choice. The idea is that the piece is both topical and relevant to the speaker, and of interest to the wider global Community – so it could be about a local reconcilation issue which directly affects your organisation, or it could be about a global one affecting everyone. Over time, we hope to have a good spread across both, and across all continents and countries in which we have members!

Individuals’ views will be personal to them, but in other respects they should be inspired by the Gospel and consistent with the CCN’s values and with our collective ministry of forgiveness.  They should also (apologies!) be in English to ensure as wide an audience across the CCN as possible, but we’re happy to publish them in their original language alongside.

We are building the list of speakers for the initial few months at the moment, so if you would like to take part, please contact alice.farnhill@coventrycathedral.org.uk and we’ll be in touch!

Contributions should be of around 3-5 minutes’ duration, supplied in writing as a Word file, or as an audio or video file, to the email address above.  Please send your full name and the organisation you are connected with, and how you are connected with them (please let them know you are doing Thought for the Week beforehand!), and a photo.

We look forward to hearing from you!