Watch Revd Canon Dr Sarah Hills explain her Vision for the Reconciliation Ministry at Coventry or view the transcript.

To find out more about Coventry’s role in reconciliation, and the origins of the Community of the Cross of Nails and where it is today, watch our series of interviews with current and previous Canons for Reconciliation, recorded in 2015: Reconciliation: Reflections on Coventry’s Role . The main film, with excerpts from all interviews, is 47 minutes’ duration; or watch the 7-minute trailer, transcript here ; or view each interview separately, listed in the resources gallery on this page.

For a brief introduction to the Story of the Cross of Nails, watch this video produced by the Diocese of Coventry in celebration of its 100th anniversary.

View the 7-minute trailer subtitled in German and Latin American Spanish ; and the full 47-minute film subtitled in German and Latin American Spanish.

We are very grateful  to the North American Board of the CCN for enabling this wonderfully filmed series, with stunning footage of Coventry Cathedral, to be made.

‘Father, Forgive’ is a film about Coventry’s ministry of reconciliation, including filming at our autumn pilgrimage last year, made by ‘Net for God’, a worldwide network working towards unity and peace between churches and cultures.