Members of the Community use a bi-monthly cycle to pray for different partners each day. You’re very welcome to join in – here is today’s list:

  • Germany Sievershausen Evangelisch Kirchengemeinde Sieverhausen and Anti-Kriegs-Haus Sievershausen
    Germany Stralsund St. Marienkirche Stralsund
    Germany Weimar St. Peter und Paul in Weimar
    Germany Witten-Annen Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Annen

And here are the partners we will be praying for tomorrow:

  • Germany Wuppertal Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Gemarke-Wupperfeld
    Germany Würzburg Oekumenische Nagelkreuzinitiative Wuerzburg
    Germany Zinnowitz Nagelkreuzzentrum Usedom
    India Durgapur St. Michael's Centre, Durgapur

View the complete list here

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