Members of the Community use a bi-monthly cycle to pray for different partners each day. You’re very welcome to join in – here is today’s list:

  • Namibia Windhoek Farm School Baumgartsbrunn
    Netherlands Arnhem Walburgisbasiliek Arnhem
    Netherlands Den Haag Anglicaanse Kerk van St. John & St. Philip, Den Haag
    Netherlands Den Haag Christus Triumfatorkerk, Den Haag

And here are the partners we will be praying for tomorrow:

  • Netherlands Den Haag Driekoningenparochie, Den Haag
    Netherlands Den Helder Protestant Chaplaincy of the Dutch Armed Forces
    Netherlands Deventer Ecumenical Coventry Prayer Deventer
    Netherlands Middelburg Abdij Nieuwe Kerk, Middelburg

View the complete list here