We start 2018 looking forward to another year with a real breadth of new members! The first of these, in February, will become our third member in Cuba and in fact in Latin America, the First Baptist Church of Matanzas, which is a really exciting addition to our membership!

In April we welcome three more, and are finalising details possibly of a fourth. These are the Anglican Pacifist Fellowship (pictured left), a global membership organisation in its own right, which we are thrilled to have join us; the Evangelisches Bildungswerk im Landkreis Esslingen, near Stuttgart, Germany, who we remember fondly from our last pilgrimage here in Coventry; St Clement Danes Church, the Central Church of the Royal Air Force, in central London (and the St Clement’s of ‘Oranges and Lemons’ fame – pictured right), another partner with whom we have spent much good time in the past year; and the Tantur Ecumenical Institute, who we’ve been so glad to welcome to Coventry a couple of times recently on pilgrimage.

In early May Flodden Peace Garden in Northumberland, a small but wonderful space for peace and reflection near the site of the Battle of Flodden, will join us, and in September we will welcome the Evangelisch Lutherische Innenstadtgemeinde Rostock in northern Germany – again, both of whom we’ve loved spending time with on pilgrimage recently.

This number is sure to grow as the year progresses, particularly with a number of ICON Schools, but it’s a really positive start to a year which includes our International Gathering for members in September and our International Youth Gathering this July, both in Coventry – as well as one of our regular pilgrimages in late May, for anyone who is interested in joining us, or indeed already has!

Welcome to all these new members, and we look forward to much positive and inspiring work with members new and old in 2018.

A busy year welcoming a diverse body of new members!