We are a worldwide network of over 235 churches, charities, peace-building centres, and educational and training organisations, inspired by the Coventry story of destruction, rebuilding and renewal, and active in reconciliation in our own ways.

Over 40 of these members are ICONS, International Cross of Nails Schools, an initiative which provides a resource for children and young people to creatively explore issues of truth, justice, peace and mercy.

All members adhere to the three guiding principles of the Community of the Cross of Nails: Healing the wounds of history, Learning to live with difference and celebrate diversity, and Building a culture of peace. We are guided by the words ‘Father Forgive’, and we pray the Litany of Reconciliation on a regular basis.

Today, our greatest numbers of members are in Germany, the UK and the USA, but we also have sizeable numbers in South Africa, the Netherlands and Central and Eastern Europe; overall, we have members in 45 countries across all continents.  Different members may focus on political, racial, religious, social or economic reconciliation; they may address war and violent conflict, post conflict restoration or healing; their work can have broad and far-reaching, national or regional consequences, or it can make a significant difference to local communities and individual people’s lives. Members support one another, pray for one another and share with one another.






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